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We’ve been waiting for the official N.W.A. biopic for years now. Good news, gangsta rap fans, it’s close to happening.

Ice Cube recently talked about the movie while promoting his latest picture, the Kevin Hart featured Ride Along, out January 17th.

Speaking to MTV about the picture, Cube confirmed that the movie will start shooting soon and the script is currently being “fine-tuned.”

Cube talked about what he was trying to accomplish with the film, saying:

“We’re trying to tell aspects of our lives that people don’t know about, people aren’t privy to. The neighborhood influenced NWA and then NWA influenced the neighborhood. That’s what we’re trying to portray.”

F. Gary Grey, who shot Friday, Set it Off, The Italian Job and the iconic “Today was a Good Day” video, is shooting the movie.

The movie’s producers are still figuring out who’s going to play NWA.