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Jay Z‘s dreams of becoming a rap superstar have already come true, and now he’s helping others start that same journey.

Last week, we saw 12-year-old Justin take over the Magna Carter tour arena when he rapped for the Black Album rapper, and now Hov has let another fan get their opportunity to impress.

At Chicago’s United Center on Thursday night, Jay invited 19-year-old MC Monique on stage after she was holding a sign that read:

“When I was 16 I rapped on this stage with you. I’m 19 now and I’m ready.”

Apparently, she came on the stage with Jay during his Blueprint tour a few years ago, which obviously hit a soft spot with him once he saw the sign.

Monique did a pretty decent job, but not before briefly explaining that she went through hell and back to get to the concert that night.

She told the audience:

 “You gotta be quiet so I can rap for him. I’m tryna get signed tonight and shit,”

Hov’s response?

“You just told your whole entire life story, huh?” he said. “I would’ve done the same shit. Fuck that. It might not happen again.”

Check out the video above and see Jay’s response to Monique’s rhyming skills!


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