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Rihanna is tearing up the streets of the Big Apple and inking herself up as she goes.

The 25 year old has just added another tatt to her collection, this time a cross on her wrist that ties right into the ink already on her hand.

Her fave tattoo artist, Bang Bang shared his latest artwork on the pop star, posting it on his Instagram:

What number is this? We’ve lost count…

Ri Ri may be  known as the number one “bad gal” in the game, but last night her softer side crept out in the streets of NYC.

The singer was spotted in the Big Apple’s dreary weather, when she was approached by a young fan that was completely overwhelmed and the results were the most heartwarming pictures:

After leaving the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, where she watched The Heat vs. Nets game, Ri Ri embraced the tiny fan who cried in her arms. Even better is that Rihanna brought the fan under the umbrella so she can hug her even tighter.

Seriously, how cute?!


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