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Twitter can be one of the best parts of your day, or one of the worst.

It’s certainly a platform that gives people the ability to say whatever they want, completely unfiltered, and some people who don’t deserve it, get the hell from it.

Tamera Mowry is unfortunately one of them

After getting engaged to, and then marrying, Fox News correspondent Adam Housley, the Sister, Sister star has been dealing with tons of hateful messages on her Twitter page.

She recently said on OWN’s “Where Are They Now?” special with her sister Tia Mowry that she receives horrible comments from users. Statements like her being a “black wife who used to cost a white man $300”.

Some of the comments she describes are so vicious and hurtful, so we can see why anyone would get emotional about it.

Tia even chimed in to say that she receives comments on the social media platform as well that say what Tamera is doing is more “right” than being married to her African-American husband Cory Hardrict.

Hopefully this video will shut those haters up!