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So you’re just going to invite the blacks to the party and let them watch from their seats. Drink all you want, but you get nothing! (I want you to read this in the voice you imagine Kanye West would have after being snubbed for an award he really wanted.)

I watched Brooklyn Nine Nine win more Golden Globe Awards than 12 Years A Slave. Yes, my opinion isn’t that of the Hollywood Foreign Press, but come on now! Should I be happy they gave one award to a black film? Hollywood is getting more diverse, but if you’re just going to invite us to the party for nothing, then you can keep your invitation.

This Golden Globe Awards ceremony was complete bull crap. All disrespect due to Jimmy Fallon, since this is NBC.

I watched Lupita get snubbed, I watched Steve McQueen get snubbed, I watched Kerry Washington get snubbed, I watched Idris Elba get snubbed, I watched Chiwetel Ejiofor get snubbed, and then finally at 10:55p they gave an award to 12 Years A Slave.

I felt Steve McQueen’s frustration when he spoke his first words: “Wow, I’m shocked!” I was too, because I watched American Hustle have the night many of us thought 12 Years A Slave was supposed to have.

I watched Brooklyn Nine Nine take home two awards, as it began to sink in that Sunday would be a night of moral victories. I tossed around the idea of being satisfied that Lupita N’yongo would win the imaginary best dressed award of the night, so we should be happy for that, right?

But when 12 Years won that last award, the biggest award of the night, I felt like they would never give a movie like that the shine it deserves. You know, that American Hustle-type love. Jennifer Lawrence did a phenomenal job, but Lupita outperformed her! Gravity was cool, but 12 Years was more John Blaze than that! Chiwetel faced some tough competition, I get it, but still I can’t help but think this Affirmative Action style of passing out awards must stop.

I should feel proud about tonight’s Golden Globes, but instead I simply feel insulted. Insulted by Reese Witherspoon’s deep connection to Solomon Northup’s story that was so etched into her growing up in New Orleans. Insulted by Lupita’s snub. Let down that my own hopes had more brown faces walking up on stage and accepting awards. It felt like the Hollywood Foreign Press was like, ‘Oops, we didn’t give any black people an award, let’s get this last one to 12 Years A Slave to make Black Twitter happy.’

Hey, we were there though, so that’s all that matters. I guess I should be OK with winning the biggest and best award, right? I simply need to understand that 12 Years A Slave doesn’t resonate with all people the same way it touched me.

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