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If you’re like us, then you find yourself missing the ’90s every Throwback Thursday.

Yesterday, we saw a flyer for one of Kel Mitchells Orange Soda parties in Long Island and it got us thinking… What the hell has Kel been up to?!

Hey, we liked Kenan and Kel, we loved Good Burger and All That is as classic a Nickelodeon show as you can get. We know Kenan is doing his thing over on SNL, but what about Kel?

Back in 2011, Kel spoke to Sway about his relationship with Kenan:

“That’s my bro, but…

What’s crazy is we haven’t spoken in 3 and a half years. I’m proud of him though. A lot of people think there’s a beef, but it’s not – there is no beef at all. Everyone has been trying to create that, but there is no beef at all. Our moms are cool and I’m proud the homie’s on SNL. “

As for why, Kel says, “I think he wants to get that Kenan Thompson brand and that’s good. I’m not mad at him for that, go and get that brand and do that.”

While we still wish these two would reunite, that doesn’t mean they aren’t funny without the other. In fact, we always kinda thought Kel was the hilarious one…

So we scanned three years of Kel’s pics – especially from Instagram – and found out that he’s been up to a bunch of amazing things; things like farting on hot hair balloons and rocking hats to show his love for Jesus and orange soda. Did we mention he’s 35 years old now? (We’re old).

So if you’re missing the ’90s on this Throwback Thursday, here are 25 pictures of Kel doing particularly Kel-like things.


Kel Mitchell’s Most All That Instagram Flicks (PHOTOS)
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