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What does Kanye West love more than hearing his own music masterpieces being played in a club? Not much!

Kanye might always seem to have the most stern facial expression at all times (like he does in the picture above) but there are some things in life that get him to smile bigger than we’ve ever seen.

While his daughter, North West and fiance, Kim Kardashian bring out a soft side of the Graduation rapper, he also smiles big when he’s turning up!

Yeezy is currently in Paris getting some business done, but he couldn’t help but let loose while at Been Trill’s party in the romantic city…and we do mean let LOOSE!

Hanging out with fans in a popular night club, Kanye got on top of tables and went ballistic to his own songs such as “Blood On The Leaves”, and “All Of The Lights”.

It also looks like he’s got a new thing for Young Thug, since he wasn’t shy of jumping around to his new track.

This is a side of Yeezus that’s being brought out more and more lately, as he was seen last month partying with fans and literally dangling from the rafters of the club!

We could definitely get used to this! Just check out all the cray videos below…


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