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If Trey Parker, Matt Stone and A-aron McGruder wrote a screenplay about the future, it would take place today – I hope that made sense.

#AintNoNinFeb is a campaign to NOT use the word “Nigger,” and all its suffixes, in any social media throughout the month of February.

If you dismiss this as an unattainable goal then check the root of your cynicism. It’s a moment of silence, a small request of discipline in comparison to the sacrifices of those who came before us, and I really mean us, not just “us.”

Out of many, one nation protected to slur our words, but not limited to America. Maybe it’s time to change how permission slips are granted and welcome non-blacks into the discourse without them fearing being labeled racist. I think a South African-American like Charlize Theron would add more potency to the dialogue. She’s a hip hop head (like Gwyneth Paltrow), who was raised in the twilight of apartheid and adopted a black child. She’ll eventually have discussions with her son about the word “Kafir” that goes way beyond him being the only nigger in first class.

I hear too many of our kids had never heard of Nelson Mandela before his death. I hate these blurred lines:

Look at it as token of appreciation for the freedoms we all enjoy; the freedom to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington, the freedom to bling-out the MLK image to promote twerking, the freedom to sell it in music, the freedom to call someone a “nigger lover,” or the freedom for Madonna to have Mercy and David, shall I continue?

These truths are self-evident because everyone knows there’s no letter “N” in the spelling of “February.” The subsequent argument is why only fast during Black History Month, why not forever? The answer is as senseless as Gandhi getting shot.

In a formal debate, the “Pro-Nigger” side is more an exercise of stubbornness than reason. One would cry, laughing at a rebuttal to declare February “Nigger History Month” because we now embrace it as a term of endearment. Then again, I once read that the origin of “picnic” is “pick-a-nigger” – a patriotic park gathering where Whites mistook Negroes for charcoal.  Who doesn’t like a picnic?

I trust that you get my logic. All this is coming from someone who uses the word (with discretion). However, if I starred in the “Boon Park” movie, I would go back to the future, see castrated fruit , then come back and write this because I know “NIGGER” was the last word they heard before getting lynched.

Please spread the word, without using “the word.”   #AintNoNinFeb

T. Better Baldwin is a creative mercenary and ethical lobbyist who was born, raised and resides in New York City.

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