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After his tragic death in Alabama almost a month ago, Doe B  presence in the rap game is still going strong and a posthumous album is in the works.

A lot of his unreleased material has been making its way to our ears and most recently, his song “Why” featuring T.I. has surfaced. Along with the new material, comes the self-proclaimed King of the South’s assurance to Doe B. fans that he won’t let the late rapper’s dreams die.

As we previously reported, while commenting on the eery record that starts off with Doe B stating “I don’t know why they had to take my folks,” T.I. explained on Atlanta’s V103:

“Doe actually gave me that record We initially did it. I was holding it for my album. Just the subject matter and just how it felt listening to it after he had passed I felt that it was more appropriate for him for right now. It really—It seemed like he was speaking to us about his situation. I really haven’t heard anything as eerie as that since Machiavelli. You know what I’m saying? So, I felt that it was more than appropriate. And I refuse to let his dream die. I refuse to let his efficacy and his energy go to waste. We’ll continue to march and move forward in productivity in his honor.”

Check out the audio in the video clip up above. R.I.P Doe B, you will be forever missed.

SOURCE: HipHopDX  | PHOTO CREDIT: Bennett Raglin, BET, Getty Images for BET

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