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Feeling overwhelmed…and possibly ten pounds heavier after all of the holiday fun? Are you still struggling with fulfilling New Year’s resolutions and trying to resume fitness and healthy food choices? Join us as we review our top three ways to detox your body and get fit fast.


“Reset” your silhouette with Dr. Oz’s three day detox juice cleanse! As per Dr. Oz, this cleanse eliminates harmful toxins from your system, is completely safe and effective and the best part is that it is super easy to follow and will only cost you about $16/day! All you need is a blender and the all-natural ingredients listed on Reviews on this diet have confirmed that participants can drop anywhere between 5-10 pounds in three days to help jump-start your lifestyle change!


The Fruit Flush Diet, developed by clinical nutritionist Jay Robb, promises up to a 9 pound weight loss if a strict cleanse of strictly protein, fruits and veggies is adhered to. Although most of the loss will mostly be of water, long-term results are not promised, but this cleanse is a sure-fire way to help you get rid of the extra holiday weight and headed in the right direction. Reviews from webMD and details on this cleanse choice can be found on


Trending recently is the HypoAllergenic Detox Diet. Most of us aren’t aware of specific food allergies that may in turn be causing other physical reactions in our body to manifest, for example itching, gastrointestinal problems, etc…  One great example is the recent “gluten free” craze, having many discovering that their exposure to wheat and dairy are really the cause of their extreme fatigue, sluggishness, bloating and more. Visit for more details on this seven-day detox and see if the elimination of certain foods benefits your overall lifestyle!

By Elizabette Quezada for LifeStyleHer

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