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Looks like JWoww will have to opt for buying Barbies and dresses, as opposed to GI Joes and tennis shoes.

The Jersey Shore star revealed to Us Weekly that her baby-to-be is a baby girl. In the mag, Jenni “JWoww” Farley gushed about how she and fiance Roger Matthews are excited to meet their new bundle of joy this July. She even said that the couple was a little in shock that it wasn’t a boy. She told the mag:

“I pictured a boy this whole time, so when I saw ‘girl’ on the paperwork, I was like, ‘No way!’ But deep down I think I knew.”

Now that the sex of JWoww’s unborn child is confirmed, she can officially plan play dates with her daughter and best pal Snooki‘s baby boy Lorenzo. She added:

“Lorenzo is gonna have a BFF, and I couldn’t be happier!”

In spite of her excitement about being a first time mom, JWoww reveals that she has some jitters about being the mother of a teenage girl. She continues:

“I was a teenage girl once, and, boy, do I know how sneaky we can be!” Farley quips. “Karma is gonna kick me in the butt with her!”

JWoww is not the only one excited about her little princess coming, she told the mag that Roger may be more excited than her, thinking about things like buying their daughter her first car.

Congratulations to the happy couple. We can’t wait to see Lorenzo and baby JWoww on their first play date.


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