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It looks like even the NFL is coming down hard on Richard Sherman.

After making nearly every headline this week for his intense post-game interview, it looks like his antics from the game itself are coming back to bite him.

The Huffington Post reports that the Seahawks quarterback was fined for $7,875 for unsportsmanlike conduct and taunting during the final minute of the NFC game.

The NFL confirmed the fine was being issued to Sherman just yesterday, and the site reports:

Sherman was flagged after he made a choking gesture toward the San Francisco bench that he said was directed at quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Sherman had just deflected a pass intended for Michael Crabtree in the end zone that was intercepted by linebacker Malcolm Smith and clinched Seattle’s 23-17 victory.

Sherman ran over and after tapping Crabtree on the backside and extended his hand for a handshake. Crabtree then shoved Sherman in the face. The All-Pro cornerback then made the choking gesture.

It looks like giving into anger and adrenaline isn’t always a great outlet.

Do you think Richard Sherman should have been fined?

SOURCE: The Huffington Post

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