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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ 2012 album, The Heist, is a fitting title after last night’s Grammy Awards.

The hip-hop duo walked away from the 56th Annual Grammy Awards with four golden statues under their belt, the most controversial being their win in the Best Rap Album category.

Critics weren’t sure how Kendrick would make out at the Grammys, but there was hope for the “Poetic Justice” rapper in the Best Rap category. Unfortunately, Kendrick Lamar walked away with nothing last night.

Knowing Kendrick’s album received high accolades over the past year, Macklemore sent Kendrick Lamar a text basically apologizing for winning Best Rap Album and then shared it on Instagram.

Interesting text, but Macklemore shouldn’t be apologizing. It’s not his fault.

Macklemore didn’t share Kendrick’s response (if he even responded), but we wonder if it featured any emoticons?

In case you missed the Grammys last night, here are the only things that mattered.


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