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GlobalGrind’s own resident vegan, animal abuse activist and bossman Russell Simmons took to news network HLN this week to speak out against the deadly dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan that have killed 600 since last year.

In a heartbreaking message, delivered on The Jane Velez-Mitchell Show, Simmons denounced the act of herding dolphins into “the cove” where they are killed, sold into captivity, and tortured.

“Well the message is simple,” he said. “This kind of suffering should not be tolerated. These ‘abusement parks’ should be stopped. The meat is obviously poisonous, and the dolphins don’t deserve this…we should spread the word around the world. And that’s why I stand up for those dolphins and animal abuse all over the world.”

And when asked about America’s own hypocritical treatment of animals in captivity (Sea World) or the food industry, Simmons broke it down, explaining why abuse, no matter the region, is both disheartening and detrimental to our environment.

Fact: Did you know cows alone are the greatest cause of global warming, two times more than trains, planes or automobiles? In fact, a staggering 51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture.

For more information on the dolphin hunts and the organizations that are speaking out against them, go to, or

And read Simone Reyes’ accounts of her trip to Taiji, here.


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