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As many mourn the loss of beloved actor Philip Seymour Hoffmanmore saddening details about his sudden death have surfaced.

On Sunday, the 46-year-old star was found dead in his apartment in New York City with a needle hanging from his arm. Now, details suggest that Hoffman did indeed die of a drug overdose.

According to People, cops found ten empty envelopes scattered around the apartment. Although eight of the envelopes were empty, two of them were lying directly next to Hoffman and were filled with heroin.

As of Monday morning, police officers are looking for video evidence of Hoffman’s alleged drug transaction.

An eye-witness revealed to officers that he saw Hoffman hand over cash to two men with messenger bags strapped to their bodies. The witness says he saw what he believed to be a drug deal.

Police also believe that there was a surveillance camera over the ATM that Hoffman used to withdraw cash. They are now taking action to obtain the video.

TMZ is also reporting police recovered 50 bags of heroin from inside the late actors apartment following his death.

We keep Hoffman and his family in our prayers.