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Who better to manager Beyonce’s career than Jay Z?

Rumor has it, Beyonce has parted ways from her manager of five years and hired her hubby to do the job.

Over the past few years, Jay Z has played an integral part in helping Beyonce with decisions that have propelled her career to new heights, including his participation with the release of her self-titled album in December 2013. With Jay’s business savvy, the “Drunk In Love” singer reportedly thinks it’ll be better if they make decisions regarding her career and their family together.

An “inside source” reportedly said:

“Since the couple now has Blue, Beyonce and Jay really want to make sure family comes first at all times.”

During Super Bowl weekend, Jay Z brought out his wife during his Directv performance, wherein the two lovebirds exchanged tender kisses on stage.

We definitely think it’s a great idea for Jay to manage Beyonce. With his connections in music and business, Beyonce can save herself 12 percent in manager fees and know that her family will always come first. Good for them.

Get all the juice in the video player above.

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