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Understanding Dr. Carter G. Woodson’s purpose behind creating an annual ritual to acknowledge and accumulate the contributions of blacks in the face of overt racism, a young cultural architect from the Washington D.C. metropolitan area decided to get back to basics.

In February 2013, Eunique Jones Gibson released a series of engaging  and “aww-inducing” photographs in an effort to “educate and connect a new generation to heroes who have paved the way” — a successful and powerful message that was both meant to create an accurate narrative of our past and transform the dilution of Black History Month.

Today, she releases her second visual narrative meant to “share our rich history” — a powerful and detailed video of former South African president and freedom fighter Nelson Mandela’s activism, even during his 27 years in prison.

And yes, the adorable kids re-imagined as historic black figures is sure to make you smile.

“Because of Nelson Mandela, we can be knocked down, get up, and still rise to greatness.”

The first video, a historical account of Rosa Park’s activism, ends with these powerful words, and can be viewed below:

Visit BecauseOfThemWeCan for more information on Gibson’s campaign. And make sure to check in with GlobalGrind every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for a new video to celebrate Black History Month.

“Because Of Them We Can” Celebrates Black History Month (PHOTOS)
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