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When Karl Lagerfeld sent his Spring/Summer 2014 collection down the runway last September during Fashion Week, he enlisted the help of Cara Delevingne, Lindsey Wixson and an art-filled large white room as his backdrop. When Chanel customers get the first look at the line, they get it in the New York City Chanel store with the help of endless champagne.

Last night, Chanel invited select customers to get a first look at their newest collection as it hit the shelves in their luxe black-carpeted retail space. Thanks to some friends in LifeStyleHer places, I was able to get a glimpse on the consumer side of things, and let me tell you, being a Chanel customer definitely has its perks.

The cocktail hour hosted everyone from professional wives, to some of the city’s most elite “old money,” who were completely clad in their timeless Chanel classics. But the real star of the night was the collection, and everyone’s main focus was getting up close and personal with Lagerfeld’s newest creations.

From pieces fit for the likes of Rihanna (who has already been seen wearing much of the collection) to a full Pantone color spectrum of accessories, I wanted to share the visuals of my first up-close Chanel experience with you. Disclaimer: I left wanting everything, and feeling very, very poor.

Here is the full runway collection in motion for reference.

Check out the snaps below, taken on my shattered-screen iPhone, of some of the darling pieces from Chanel’s collection. If I were Rihanna, I’d have my well-manicured paws all over this store.

Rachel Hislop

Rachel is the Style Editor for, proud graduate of a SUNY school, and as sarcastic as they come. Follow her on Twitter for random daily ramblings @MiissHislop and on Instagram for as many puppy photos and selfies as you can handle @AmazingRach 

Chanel Spring/Summer 2014 In-Store Collection Preview (PHOTOS)
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