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We sat down with the masterminds behind the new documentary 12 O’Clock Boys to get all the details about what went into the making of the film and what dirt bike riding represents to this group of boys.

12 O’Clock Boys explores Baltimore’s most notorious pack of dirt bike riders and the allure they have amongst local kids. The film follows Pug, a young boy struggling to find his way in a rough West Baltimore neighborhood. The 13-year-old’s main goal in life is to one day be able to ride amongst The 12 O’Clock Boys as a member. The bike group is known around the neighborhood for riding through the streets and tearing up barren fields, their over-the-top, death-defying stunts and their frequent clashes with law enforcement. Following the death of his eldest brother, Pug looks to the group for a mentor.

According to the film’s director, Lotfy Nathan, the hardest part about creating this film wasn’t the constant stress over whether or not he’d be robbed while shooting, but knowing what was OK for him to capture on film and what wasn’t. Nathan says he was approached during shooting by a group of men who wanted to see his footage to ensure he wasn’t trying to record their exchange.

The film, which has not yet been released, has received mixed reviews from viewers. One review claims the film glamorizes moronic behavior. Nathan, however, disagrees. He believes his film sheds light on something many aren’t familiar with and simply don’t understand.

After shooting wrapped, Nathan and his crew decided to do something to give back to Pug, their star. The group started a campaign on to raise money for the boy’s college education. You can make a donation, or spread the word by clicking here.

Check out the interview above and be sure to check out 12 O’Clock Boys, available for purchase now.