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They say a couple that tapes together stays together… Or maybe it’s a couple that gets paid together stays together? Well, you get our drift.

Today’s reality television stars do more than just film scenes together. Now they’re getting money together in more ways than we can count. Between solo business ventures, partnerships in their names, multiple reality shows, clothing lines, and tabloid drama, no one should be questioning the longevity of these relationships.

We’ve compiled a list of reality TV’s top 10 power couples; these couples have proven to everybody that they have what it takes to ride together until the wheels fall off!

Everyone knows about the reality TV curse on relationships, but these couples laugh at the thought that they won’t make it. Peter and Cynthia from Real Housewives of Atlanta sell everything from dolls to coffee, while Stevie J and Joseline are hosting parties all over the world.

These couples are having their cake and eating it too. So with that said, check out which couples made the cut below.


10 Reality TV Power Couples (PHOTOS)
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