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FOR HER: THE GIFT OF ROMANCEMost women’s imaginations are filled with romantic notions & fantasies all day long!  Some men have mastered the art of romancing a woman but for those that are still looking for answers the solution is this. Romance is not all candy and flowers.  Women want your undivided attention.  She wants you to make her feel beautiful & show that you pay attention.  Bottom line…she wants to feel loved.  This Valentine’s Day if you don’t already do so…spoil your valentine with the gift of romance.


Just like women’s imaginations are flooded with romantic fantasies all day long, most men have one thing on their mind…SEX.  This Valentine’s day surprise your man and spice up your activities in the bedroom.  Throw on some lingerie if that’s what he likes…nothing says I love you more to a man that’s making the evening all about pleasing him.

FOR HER: QUALITY TIMEContrary to what most men think…women want QUALITY not quantity.  They want to feel that you value them & your time together and that the relationship is a priority for you.  Sharing experiences together whether it is at home cooking a meal, or out and about solidifies what she craves the most…true connection.


Men love your touch.  This Valentine’s day give him the best massage he’s ever had.  Put extra effort into the scene by setting the right ambiance.  Dim lighting, his favorite scented candles, and enticing massage oils.  Even do a little research and teach yourself specific rubdown techniques that target certain areas of his body.

FOR HER: PAMPERINGWomen love to be pampered and spend so much money on upkeep including doing their nails, toes, hair, etc…because it makes them feel beautiful!  Sometimes because of all their daily obligations and responsibilities they don’t get the opportunity to really invest in themselves because they’re always worried about everyone else.  Give your woman the gift of pampering this Valentine’s Day.  Pay for her hair, her nails, anything to make her feel and know she is appreciated.


Many polls have been taken and most men agree they go crazy for a spontaneous woman!  Grabbing your man and kissing him or making love to him in the moment when it’s not planned is not only sexy but makes your man feel desired and attractive.  Be spontaneous this Valentine’s Day & not so predictable…it will definitely spice up your plans and your overall relationship.


Buy her something she would never buy for herself! Women are usually more giving and spend most of their money and energy into pleasing you and everyone around her…take an opportunity to lavish her with something luxurious that she would never expect!  Her appreciation for the gesture and for you will tenfold!


Do something out of your comfort zone for him.  Whether it be mountain climbing, race car driving, attending a sporting event or even going to bar with his friends do something for your man that shows that you care about the things he’s into!


Last but not least…a duel gift for each other would be to show your appreciation for everything your partner has invested into this relationship.  Being appreciative can be as simple as washing the dishes, or writing a love letter.  Make showing appreciation this Valentine’s day a priority and reaffirm your investment and commitment towards your partner’s happiness in this relationship.

By Elizabette Quezada for LifeStyleHer

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