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After a short trial that’s lasted just over a week, the verdict is in. After 31 hours of deliberation, a mistrial has been declared in the murder trial of Jordan Davis.  In the other charges, Michael Dunn has been found guilty in the attempted murder of the three other boys in the car.  He also has been found guilty of shooting bullets into a moving car. He faces life in prison on these three charges with a minimum of sixty years.

Jordan Davis’ family spoke to the press at the end of the trial:

“It’s been a long, long road and we’re so very happy to have just a little bit of closure,” said his mother Lucia McBath. “It’s sad for Mr. Dunn that he will live the rest of his life in that sense of torment. I will pray for him. I will ask my family to pray for him, but we are so grateful for the charges that have been brought against him, we are so grateful for the truth, we are so grateful that the jurors were able to understand the common sense of it all.

Jordan’s father, Ron went on to say,

“We don’t accept a law that would allow collateral damage among our children. We raise good kids … We expect the law to be behind us.”

The State Attorney’s Office plans to retry the murder case of Jordan Davis.

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