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If the poised stilettos and shoulder draped jackets of New York Fashion Week left you feeling like New York was no longer a place for the creative free spirits, one foray into the glitter, feather, and glam-filled world of The Blonds Fall/Winter 2014 collection runway show was sure to change it all.

Last night, the NYC-based design duo The Blonds (a team made up of Phillipe and David Blond) took over the runway at Milk Studios. Their initial claim to world-fame was creating the bondage bra and corset worn by Lady Gaga in the music video for “Paparazzi but since then, the pair has continued to serve as a creative outlet, providing fearless pieces that live on magazine covers for the likes of Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez, and as tour performance pieces for the Mileys and Beyonces (glitter boobs, remember those?)

As a longtime fan of the duo’s work, I was nothing short of elated to be invited to experience their show up close, and while 22-pieces of intricate detail that sauntered, strutted and knitted down the runway were stunning in themselves, the inclusive creative crowd of NYC charm The Blonds bring together with their work was the real bedazzled show stealer of the night.

Trends spotted: The Blonds are less about trends as they are more about art, but one thing that was spotted was Lil Kim’s baby bump sitting front row clad in designs from The Blonds. Oh, and in their world, nail art is far from dead.

Faces in the front row: Just about every major face in the LGBT community! Lil Kim and her baby bump were spotted, Perez and Paris Hilton sitting side-by-side, Robert Verdi, Ty Hunter, Joe Jonas, Laverne Cox, Kat Graham, Neon Hitch and more.

My rating: Ten blinged out nail-art fingers in the air. The Blonds took the pretentious stiffness out of the runway scene and put on a fun-filled show that didn’t lack in design. Oh, and their eyebrows were done by MAC, and were made of craft paper…that gets extra points on its own. 

My favorite look: Don’t make me choose just one from a runway full of glittery things with Catwoman aesthetics. I will say, I can definitely see Miley rocking that white velvet gown with crystal lip details sooner rather than later. 

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