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It would be a boldface lie to say inquiring minds (read: us) weren’t a little bummed about not seeing Lupita Nyong’o enjoying the fruits of her international fame from the front row of a show during New York Fashion Week. But she wasn’t going to take just ANY front row seat, she had to do it in the most perfect way, at one of the most anticipated shows in one of the most coveted seats: the one next to Anna Wintour.

After a whole week of non-Lupita sightings, the actress was spotted today front row at Calvin Klein’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection runway show. Naturally, she was dressed in a pale pink Calvin Klein number from the designer’s collection, paired with Dana Rebecca Designs Lauren Joy Earrings – $440, and a Dana Rebecca Designs Reese Brooklyn Ring – $1,540.

She sat in a pastel macaron sandwich between Anna Wintour and Naomi Watts and was pretty much just being perfect the entire time.

The ladies seemed to be having a good ol’ fashion “kiki” while waiting for the show to start…or a sneeze, in which case it would have been the most glamorous sneeze we have ever seen.

And then they all got into talking about fashion and handbags as Lupita showed Anna something about her purse, or something. Just look at how smitten they are with her!

And then Lupita put on her specs, even though the view from the front row is amazing, because she wanted to see every single detail on Calvin’s designs.

And her manicure was like a perfect match to her fuzzy dress.

And her fuzzy dress that matched her manicure was a perfect match to her sandals, which were also a perfect match to her pedicure. All of this almost distracted us from the fact that she is wearing sandals during a snowstorm in NYC, but we’re sure she has a spot backstage to change into snow boots.

Basically, Lupita’s first NYC Fashion Week sighting was everything we thought it would be – AMAZING – and we can pretty much count on a Vogue cover from her now.


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