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Jimmy Fallon has officially taken over the Tonight Show, and he did it last night in a way that captures the age we live in… With a viral dance video and Kim Kardashian.

Fallon kicked off his show by thanking the previous host of the Tonight Show and then introducing himself, his mainstay band The Roots, and his crew to the new audience.

“If you let me stick around long enough, maybe I’ll get the hang of it,” he joked.

The fun got turned up quickly, with a hilarious skit featuring Fallon and Will Smith taking you through the “Evolution of Hip-Hop Dance.”

Then another hilarious $100 bet featured everyone and their mama, including Lady Gaga, Kim K, Mike Tyson and more.

Apparently Jimmy’s guests got rather close on and off the set. Kim shared several behind the scenes photos of her and her new pals kickin’ it backstage!


We definitely can’t wait for more hilarity from Jimmy Fallon.