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Things are apparently getting critical in the concrete jungle. Snow boots have been a hot and scarce commodity this winter amid the constant snowfall ravaging the East Coast.

Shoppers are leaving retailers empty-handed when shopping for snow boots equipped for getting them through what seems to be a never-ending snow pounding drag out, as the East Coast experiences their 18th storm of the season.

Retailers like The Northface, Payless and Macy’s have been turning customers away as a result of having limited sizes, quantities or simply no snow boots at all. Assistant manager Bill Marsall at a Northface in New York City told the New York Times: “The more snow we get, the more stuff we sell.”

If you still are on the hunt for snow boots, eBay may be a viable option, just make sure that Paypal account is locked and loaded. We hear some shoes have been going for $16 million, just a ridiculous as this snow. The upside of things? New Yorkers still haven’t lost their sense of style with all the white stuff around. A shop owner comically tells the New York Times, “New Yorkers are still very particular about color,” he said. “They’ll take it in any color you have as long as it’s black.”

Yep, sounds about right.