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Basketball Wives: LA is back and the shade is as thick as ever!

Yesterday, we posted an interview with Sundy Carter straight hating on Draya Michele. In the sit-down with C Nikky, Sundy made it no secret she doesn’t like Draya, calling her busted and saying:

“I feel like she’s faking it until she makes it because everything she does is just so, not authentic.  It’s just not real.  You know, she portrays things like, you’re the ambassador of this that and the third, when you’re not even getting a check… I know the ambassador for these companies you understand what I’m saying?

You don’t get a check for that.  Um, so until you do, I need you to post your pay stub and show me.  Show me, show me the money!”

Well, GlobalGrind has exclusively obtained Draya’s paystub and she’s making a good chunk of change for her work with Ciroc. Draya is on her seventh check from Bad Boy and she’s pulled in $27,000 from that job alone.

If you’re wondering why Sundy has such hate for Draya, it could be because the two got into a fist-fight awhile back, leaving Sundy with a swollen eye. It’s also believed that Sundy is just trying to switch the focus from the recent picture of her daughter in a compromised position.

Draya revealed on Twitter:

Let’s hope people can move on and let Draya live. The Fine Ass Girls owner also said she’s not going to be taking the talk for much longer – she’s tired of these girls saying whatever they want to say about her:

Tell us your take on the situation down below.

PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram, GlobalGrind

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