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Kim Kardashian is definitely Team Kanye West.

As the Yeezus concert stopped in New Jersey over the weekend, Kanye decided to do what he does best: rant! While hitting the stage to perform, Kanye took a brief moment to discuss his feelings about the media and how they make him look like “a maniac and an animal.”

Kanye also concluded that the reason why the media picks on him is because they have an issue with interracial relationships. Well, ‘Ye’s fiancée Kim K. couldn’t agree more.

While leaving Barney’s in New York, Kim was stopped by TMZ and asked what she felt about Kanye’s recent rant re: the media. The reality star replied:

“I agree with everything he said!”

Wow, we wonder if Kim agrees with every rant that Kanye goes on? Probably. Check out the video below:


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