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One week ago, Lil Kim shocked the world when she showed up to The Blonds Fashion Show at NYFW with a very pronounced baby bump. But everyone better get on board, because this is happening… and quickly!

The rapper, who’s revealed she’s just “a few months along,” can’t wait to be a mom and is really embracing motherhood, according to her BFF Jennifer Dalton.

Jenn recently spoke with Us Weekly and revealed the Queen Bee has plenty of pregnancy cravings, is going to be a great mom, and has always wanted a child. She also dishes on who’s going to be there when Kim gives birth.

Check out some highlights from the chat below.

On Lil Kim Cuddling With Pillows:

“I have to give her all these pillows. She tucks herself in between them… She has 2 behind her head, one by her chest, one between her legs, two on her back –- she’s just cuddled in between pillows. All you see is little Lil’ Kim in the fetal position with pillows everywhere. It’s very cute!”

On Lil Kim’s Mothering Abilities:

“She is very, very good with kids. She loves kids! And she’s such a great godmother. She’s my daughter’s godmother; she has three godkids. That’s how great of a godmother she is — everybody wants her!”

On Lil Kim Always Wanting A Child:

“‘She’s always wanted to have a child,’ Dalton explained of the rapper, who will not be finding out the baby’s gender ahead of time. ‘But because she’s been so busy working and with her career, it’s never been the right time and now — she’s like, I want a child, this is my time, I’m going to have this child, I’m going to be a great mother, and I’m going to have a great career after my child.'”

On Who Will Be In The Room When She Gives Birth:

“[Kim] says we’ll probably do Lamaze class around 8 months. She says she has like five midwives, and I’m one of the midwives. I’m going to be in there with her when she gives birth! She has a lot of good people around her, but there is only one person allowed in the room with her and that’s me! I’ll fight tooth and nail for that!”

On Lil Kim’s Pregnancy Cravings

“I’ve been helping her with everything — anything that she needs I’m there. I go with her to the doctor’s appointments, the ultrasounds. If she has cravings, we go get it for her — certain things that she just wants and needs, I’ll help her go get it.” Among those cravings, Dalton says, are veggie pizza, steak, fruits, and veggies.

SOURCE: Us Magazine | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty

Lil’ Kim Debuts Baby Bump At The Blonds (PHOTOS)
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