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From Michael “Air” Jordan to LeBron “King” James, most of the greatest NBA players of all time have had a legendary nickname.

Oklahoma Thunder forward Kevin Durant is on his way to becoming a legend, but he doesn’t yet have a legendary nickname.

He’s trying to change that. Kevin Durant desperately wants a nickname that will stick. He’s not satisfied with past names, like “Slim Reaper,” “KD” and “Durantula.”

So he took matters into his own hands.

In a new interview with Bill Simmons, the baller said he wants to be known as “The Servant.”

Uhh, OK. But why?

“I like to serve everybody. My teammates. Ushers at the game. The fans.”

Durant went on to say:

“I know it’s kinda weird to make your own nickname…but I like that one better.”

Yeah, that’s not what makes the name weird, Kevin. If you consider the history of black people in this country, then you’ll see why “The Servant” is a “weird name.”

Maybe you should just stick to KD.


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