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How did this happen?

How did Beyonce’sDrunk in Love” become the most popular song in the world? We’re not sure. But it took a while. Beyonce’s self-titled album dropped on December 13th. And although the Jay Z-featured “Drunk in Love” was one of the early favorites, we didn’t start hearing covers of the song until January, when singer/rappers like Future and Angel Haze started covering the song.

Now they’re everywhere. A wide spectrum of acts have covered the song, ranging from Kanye West to Diplo to Vin Diesel.

Have you heard them all yet? No? Good. This post will help. We gathered up all the remixes and ranked them from worst to best.

Check it out below.

14)  IceJFish’s cover 

Is this guy for real? Or is he joking? We’re not exactly sure yet. All we know is that he has a single on sale on iTunes, and his “Drunk in Love” remix is breathtaking, for all the wrong reasons.

13) Vin Diesel’s Dance-Along

Does this actually count as a cover? Vin does very little singing here, mostly just dancing. This video is actually quite horrifying (not as bad as IceJFish’s cover, though).

12) Detail’s remix

Detail remixes his own song, and the results are a little mixed. This new version is too long (it’s seven minutes) and some of the beats don’t fit.

11) Angel Haze

Angel Haze is a dope MC. But she sounds a little off here, and it’s mainly because of her voice. Angel sort of gets buried by the beat.

10) Cassidy’s remix  

Philadelphia battle rapper Cassidy softens things up on his “Drunk in Love” remix. Thing is, Cassidy’s bars have been suspect for years, and that doesn’t change here.

9) Diplo’s mix

This isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely not the best we’ve heard from Diplo. We’ve heard the producer/DJ get really experimental in the past.

8) T.I.’s remix 

T.I. slides his way nicely through the track. He would be ranked much higher if he had spit something a little longer.

7) James Blake’s remix

British singer James Blake’s mix is so dope because he totally flips the track. You can barely recognize the “Drunk in Love” sample.

6) Kanye West’s remix 

Anytime Kanye adds a verse to something, it becomes an event. Mr. West’s version of this song would be much higher, if it wasn’t for some truly cringe-worthy lines. (“An appetite for seduction and it gotta be fed, the sexual eruption got you hitting your head”).

5) Emmanuel Houndo’s violin cover

Eighteen-year-old Central High School student Emmanuel did a super cool flip of the Beyonce song, using only a violin. The performance was so good that Queen Bey posted the video on her official Facebook page, with the headline “amazing.

4) Future’s remix 

Here’s the thing: Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” sounds like a Future song. So the Atlanta-superstar sounds right at home over Detail and Timbaland’s Middle Eastern flutes.

3) Rico Love & Plies’ remix 

Ignore Rico Love, who is just ehh on this. Pay attention to Plies and his insanely dirty and detailed verse. He raps lines like, “hope your gag reflexes work, don’t need you throwing up in here.”

2) Katy B’s mix

You got to give props to British singer Katy B for having one of the more creative remixes to Beyonce’s hit. The singer blends “Drunk in Love” with Tinashe’s minor hit “Vulnerable” for some sexy results.

1) The Weeknd

The Weeknd did a hell of a job on this mix. The song still has its original feel intact, but the singer adds his own depressed, drugged-up MJ croon to it.

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