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Bad habits are hard to quit, which seems to be the case for a 10-year-old boy who can’t seem to stop … stealing family members’ cars!

The young Norwegian kid swiped his parents’ car last week and headed for his grandparents’ house with his sister in tow, before crashing  and telling the cops he was a dwarf who left his license at home. Crafty, no? Now the boy is at it again, caught driving his aunt’s car for a trip of about 20-25 miles.

Daily Mail reports:

This time, the boy, aged ten, liberated his aunt of her car and drove from Fagernes to Tonsåsen, a trip of about 20-25miles, before he was stopped, his parents said today. As soon as the parents realised their son was gone – along with his aunt’s Opel – they called police. After finally being stopped on national highway 33, it emerged that the boy had been driving at least 11miles on motorway E16.

This time around he left his baby sister at home (thank goodness) and when his parents finally noticed, they immediately called the police. The boy’s mom explains:

‘It was my sister’s car that he took. The keys were in the ignition, so unfortunately, it was easy for him to get hold of them,’ his mother told Verdens Gang.

She defended her clever son:

He is a boy who likes adventure and excitement, that’s all there is to it.

Just a bit of advice mom – you might want to take the keys and hide them somewhere that not even your super intelligent son will think of.


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