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For years, the media has been accusing Kim Kardashian of enhancing her bountiful backside through numerous surgical procedures – implants, lifts, fat transfers, you name it and the subsequent Kim K. google search will leave you astonished.

The accusations became so overwhelming, in fact, that Kim famously had a doctor confirm through x-rays she didn’t have ass implants on her family’s reality TV showKeeping Up with the Kardashians, back in 2011. That didn’t satisfy the “butt lift” and “fat transfer” theorists, however.

Kim K.’s booty conspiracy theorists must be really starting to get to her, because she shut shit down all over Twitter today – basically telling them all to “get a life.” We have to admit that here at GlobalGrind, we’re pretty obsessed with Kim’s backside too. So much so, that we created a gallery solely dedicated to her booty evolution.

We went through the archives and Kim has always had some junk in her trunk. But you all can judge for yourselves via the gallery below.

No photos of her far along into her pregnancy or after she gave birth are included because it wouldn’t be fair to compare Kim’s booty before precious Baby North, to her booty after.

But just for reference… This is Kim now. 🙂

PHOTO CREDIT: W Magazine, Splash

Kim Kardashian’s Booty Evolution (PHOTOS)
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