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There’s probably nothing more disgusting than thinking you’re eating birthday cake, when actually you’re eating rat tail.

That is exactly what happened to a senior citizen by the name of Joseph Valente, who turned 96 recently, as he claims he ordered his favorite German apple ring cake from King Kullen supermarket in NY to celebrate, and soon realized he wasn’t munching on cake at all.

According to DailyMail:

The New York man’s nephew, Neil Gold, said his uncle complained about the taste after downing one spoonful on Thursday night. When Gold cut the store-baked cake, he said he noticed what looked like a line of black mold. ‘We saw it was coming from the bottom. We flipped it over and seemed to be a rat’s tail,’ Gold, who is dating Valente’s niece, told ABC7.  He told the New York Post he saw the rodent’s five-inch-long tail still attached to its hindquarters ‘bleeding into the cake’. Images of the cake show a pointed, cord-like appendage baked into the cake, surrounded by black swirls.

That’s beyond disgusting. Valente’s law attorney friend plans on turning the cake over to state officials for testing because he believes the baked good was certainly tampered with.

Happy Birthday, Valente. 🙁


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