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Just look at them–they’re style soul mates. FBFFs (fashion best friends forever). And if it weren’t for all the plastic surgery, you’d have a hard time convincing us that Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace are not, in fact, twins.

They might not have a blood bond, but theirs is one that’s etched in stone. And by stone we mean the finest Italian fabrics of all the land. Lady Gaga professed her love for her fellow platinum blonde bestie with a track on her recent album ARTPOP named after the designer herself, in which she sings:

“Who’s that bitch, she’s so thin/She’s so rich, and so blonde/She so fab, it’s beyond”

Donatella let Gaga know the feeling was mutual by making her the face of Versace’s Spring/Summer 2014 campaign, and now it seems she is so into their friendship that she just had to share all about it by penning an essay for V Magazine.

The pair first met when Lady Gaga borrowed Versace pieces for her “Edge of Glory” video, and the rest was high-fashion history:

The way that we met immediately told me she was someone different; she didn’t want us to make her a special piece, or to do a short-term project. She wanted to get to know the heart of the brand, almost like a student coming to do research. I thought she looked incredible in the pieces. The way she wore Versace in that video showed young people around the world the energy and attitude of Versace. 

Just like that, they became two peas in a couture pod. Donatella talks about how she was drawn to Gaga, not only because of her music, but also because of how experimental the singer has always been when it comes to clothes:

It means so much that she finds strength and character through dressing in the Versace way. It’s interesting because this is how I’ve always looked, since I was a teenager. I’ve never experimented with different personas in the way that she has. It makes me admire her even more, and makes me even more grateful that she wanted to experiment with the Versace look.

It seems as though the union between fashion and music icons lives on. May they all live happily (and well-dressed) ever after.


The Uncanny Resemblance Of Donatella Versace & Lady Gaga (PHOTOS)
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