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Sankofa. It’s a Asanta Adinkra symbol that roughly translates in English to “reach back and get it.” Essentially, it represents learning from the past to know where you are going in the future.

That’s the message Eunique Jones Gibson, a young cultural architect from the Washington D.C. metropolitan area, wanted to send in celebration of Black History Month — in the most adorable of ways.

In February 2013, Gibson released a series of engaging and “aww-inducing” photographs in an effort to “educate and connect a new generation of heroes who have paved the way” — transforming children of all ages into individuals who championed Black History to send a powerful message that was both meant to create an accurate narrative of our past and curb the dilution of Black History Month.

This year, she’s releasing a series of videos to honor the individuals who shaped Black History. Her 10th video, a visual history of Harriet Tubman’s return to captivity through the Underground Railroad to save others from slavery, can be viewed above.

“Because of Harriet Tubman, we can discover a better life and return to help others do the same. Because of them…we can.”

In her most powerful video to date, Jones relates the importance of reaching back to help others by demonstrating the bravery and courage of Tubman during her 19 rescue and return trips. And while children dressed up for the historic time period may be “cute,” the message is sobering and clear — freedom was not free.

For visual narratives on the groundbreaking Cosby Show, Janelle Monae’s confidence and creativity, Nelson Mandela’s journey, Rosa Parks’ activism, Zora Neale Hurston’s words, Malcolm X’s story, Jones’ take on Muhammad Ali (featuring her impossibly adorable son, Chase) and more, click here.

And check out this video of Gibson discussing her too-cute campaign with GlobalGrind:

Visit BecauseOfThemWeCan for more information on Gibson’s campaign and to take the Because Of Them We Can Pledge.

And make sure to check in with GlobalGrind every few days for a new video to celebrate Black History Month.

“Because Of Them We Can” Celebrates Black History Month (PHOTOS)
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