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Gabrielle Union isn’t just your average Hollywood actress – there are levels to her shit.

In a recent sit-down with The View, the brown-skinned beauty opened up about surviving rape at just 19-years-old, more specifically what helped her deal with such a tragic time in her life.

While working at a shoe store, Gabby and a co-worker were both held up at gunpoint and now, at 41-years-old, Dwyane Wade‘s fiancée reveals that not wanting to be treated like a victim helped her heal.

“I got sick of people letting me off the hook. Being a victim is so comfortable. People give you attention, people are nurturing … When something catastrophic happens in your life, everyone rallies around you. You’re getting all the attention and love and support that you always wanted. But it’s not for something positive, and I hated that.”

She continued:

“I hated the cloak of victimhood. I realized they were going to allow me to be a victim, and not succeed and not achieve my goals. It makes you lazy, and I wanted that cloak of victimhood off. I wanted to embrace being a survivor. That’s who I am. I wasn’t raised to be coddled. I was raised to be an independent woman, standing on my own two feet, and that’s the road I opted to take.”

She also discussed how coming from a divorced family helped her cope:

“I’m lucky that I come from a family that went through divorce. I’m sure there was bitterness and anger and resentment … but I don’t know, because they never made it our issue. They handled the divorce and our subsequent transition into a blended family with grace and dignity and respect. I’m lucky I can just mirror what my parents did, and put the kids first.”

Is it just us or is Gabrielle Union one of the most respectable, beautiful, and intelligent women in the industry? Check out her interview via the video above.

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