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While Scandal returned last night, a glowing Kerry Washington stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live.

During the interview they shared a hilarious telenovela version of Scandal called Escandalo featuring other stars of the hit show, who actually sound really good speaking Spanish.

Washington also took the time to dish about her pregnancy, Scandal-fan Michelle Obama, and spilled some details on what’s next for Scandal.

On her eating habits during pregnancy:

“I’m just sort of doing the healthy thing cause we’re still shooting the show.”

On her parents reaction to her taking up acting: 

“Well my parents were devastated. My mother cried- Have some sympathy, it’s true. She wanted me to be like a lawyer. She use to say ‘Don’t be an actor, be a lawyer for actors.’ But then I when I was applying to colleges, my parents realized for the first time that my acting could pay for stuff because I was actually on a theater scholarship at George Washington University. The only problem or challenge or privilege was that I had to audition for every single production.”

On Michelle Obama watching Scandal: 

“I’m actually on a committee [Committee for Arts and Humanities] for the White House, which is chaired by Michelle Obama. But I never wanted to be like ‘So what do you think about my show?’ I’ve never brought it up with her. But she shared recently that she binged watched all three seasons during her holiday and is really enjoying it.”

Check out more of the interview below:

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