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This is definitely a miracle.

A man in Mississippi was found alive inside of a body bag at a funeral home in Holmes County, after his family believed him to be dead.

According to CBS, Walter “Snowball” Williams now has a second chance at life thanks to his pacemaker, which started working again after shutting off before his family found him “dead” in him home.

Authorities and his close family members are calling it a “miracle” that the 78-year-old is still alive and is able to have more time with them.

Workers at the funeral home were setting up his embalm, when they interrupted by kicking coming from inside of the body bag they’d originally put him in.

His daughter, Martha A. Lewis, told CBS:

“Seemed like he had more life in him again… and then we had just stopped talking, and he told us ‘what did you all stop talking for?’ Hallelujah, thank you, Jesus!”

There have been a lot of horrific events that have happened in 2014 already, but at least this one has a happy ending!


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