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Mike Epps is ready to spread his wings and fly.

The comedian is out to prove that he’s more than a funny guy with his latest role in the movie Repentance. Epps plays Ben Carter, the troubled brother of Tommy Carter, played by Anthony Mackie, and he’s really the stand out in this drama from Lionsgate.

The film focuses on Mackie, a successful author and spiritual adviser, who takes on a troubled man as a client, completely unaware that the man’s fixation on his mother’s death will soon put his life in jeopardy.

Mike stopped by The No Judgment Zone with BlogXilla to discuss this new film Repentance and in the process, told us about the sad reality of the final installment of the Friday franchise.

Last Friday might not happen because New Line Cinema is no longer making those types of movies anymore.

Mike reveals:

“What people fail to realize with the Fridays is that all those movies were made at New Line Cinema and New Line Cinema is no longer doing those type of movies. So we never know. That’s a question for Cube to answer. Maybe we can bring it to Lionsgate.”

Mike Epps also talks about maximizing your 15 minutes verses longevity:

“Everybody has their 15 minutes of doing what they do best. It’s always great to do the best that you can in your 15 minutes. I just think this business is a marathon and not a race. You have to think like that because it’s so easy for you to get pigeon-holed in this business.

What happens is you grow older as a person and grow older as an artist and it becomes the difference between money and longevity. So you have to strategically be smart about the roles you pick after awhile.”

He also talks about smoking Obama weed, why celebs are having babies on the side and more. Watch the exclusive interview above.