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Maybe this should be considered a message to Nike about their limited releases. When it comes to supply and demand for Nike Air Jordans, there is undoubtedly more of one than the other.

According to a new report by Quartz, Jordans are currently the most re-sold sneakers on eBay and account for $1 of every $3 spent on sneaker sales on the website. We guess the other two are going to those very rare red Octobers, also from Nike.

Quartz reports:

On the online auction site eBay, some 2.25 million pairs of sneakers were sold for roughly $200 million last year, according to estimates by sneaker data site Campless. And of that, over $62 million was spent on Air Jordan sneakers, which can go for as much as $2,800 for a pristine pair of 1985 originals, still in their box, or $1,500 for a limited edition Retro 4 IV Doernbecher pair, which originally retailed for $175 in 2011. Jordan XIs and Jordan Vs alone, the two most popular makes, accounted for more than $25 million of eBay sneaker sales. But there are plenty of other hefty top sellers.

Apparently, the total amount that eBay customers spent on Jordans is likely even higher than the $62 million figure.

Meanwhile, Jordan is somewhere with his hoop earring in puffing on cigars. Good life.