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What’s more gangster than Baddie Bey and her dealer-turned-big-business mogul of a husband? We’ll tell you – Nothing.

In 2003, the couple dubbed themselves the Bonnie and Clyde of Hip-Hop and now, eleven years later, not much has changed – you can take the man out the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of him. Plus, Hov’s “gangster wife” is more daring, beautiful, and real than ever.

What makes the title so fitting, however, is the fact that not only have they taken over the world together, but they look great doing it.

There just aren’t too many power couples that are this in love, this stylish, and have the world wrapped around their fingers (Hey Will & Jada, Hey Brangelina!).

Check out 24 times King Bey and Jigga channeled Bonnie and Clyde below. You’re welcome.

Post up, flawless.

Rep your set, Hov.

Nobody or nothing won’t ever come between ’em.

Boy, she’s drankin’.


Jay and Bey on their getaway bike.

Bey means business.

How often do we come across this kind of unbreakable bond in Hollywood?

Get gangster, Bey.

When he’s off track, mami is keeping him focused.

You my dog for life.

She will never need another lover…

Hoodie up!

Can’t keep your hands off my fatty, daddy I want you.

You ready Bey?

Gangster chic.

All he needs in this life of sin… is himself and his girlfriend (and Blue, too).

Down to ride to the very end…

Hov got it locked down.

Graining on that wood… graining, graining on that wood.

You can’t be serious.

If not them, then who?

Even back then, he always had his thoroughest girl with him.

And ain’t a damn thing changed…

PHOTO CREDIT: Tumblr, Splash, Getty, Wenn

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