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We have no issue with admitting the fact that we live vicariously through our favorite celebrities’ Instagram feeds. Today, it’s Wiz Khalifa who’s making us green with envy.

As we were sitting at our desks working the day away, Wiz has been lighting up in, well, the City of Lights, alongside the fashion elite and documenting his close encounters with the supermodel kind, and boy, are we jealous.

He rolled one up with “da homie” Cara Delevingne, but not before having an impromptu photoshoot with Terry Richardson, thumbs in tow. He shared a flick of their sesh, captioning it:

Best day of my life

You could argue that the day he and Amber Rose united in holy matrimony or even the day their son Sebastian was born a year ago are momentous events that should stand out as the best days of his life–but who are we kidding? We’d say the same thing if supermodel Kate Moss was thrown into the mix. And that she was–in Terry’s flannel shirt, no less.

The epicness of the day did not stop there, folks. Next came that moment when Wiz inducted Kate into the Taylor Gang:

Teachin her how to throw up the gang

The only thing that could top this is a Kate and Khalifa collab on a hot beat. Here’s to wishful thinking.


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