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The new cast of Basketball Wives: L.A. made an appearance on Arsenio Hall’s talk show recently (in separate groups, so as to avoid any fighting) and things got real, as Draya Michele, Malaysia Pargo, and Brandi Maxielle talked all about the season’s drama.

Straight out the gate, it was revealed that the ladies got into it backstage after the prior group went on the show and gave their version of what was going on. Draya explained:

“We don’t know these girls. We, real life, do not know these women and they have so much to say about us. It’s just, it’s overbearing because for these people to come and do television shows, interviews, and they just discuss us in a negative way, it’s shocking.”

The other women Draya is referring to are castmates Sundy Carter, British Williams, and Jackie Christie, who recently called Draya out for her business ventures. See what Draya said to GlobalGrind here. 

Check out the full interview up top, as well as some highlights below… If you’re a Basketball Wives fan trust us, you don’t want to miss this.

Draya On Leaving Her Past In The Past & Becoming A Businesswoman:

“I’ve laid a lot of things to rest and I would like to be appreciated for my growth and not things that I’ve done that I can’t really change that strangers are bringing up. I just feel like I’ve grown on television and I’ve been on the show for three years. The people that followed me, and watched me, they grew up as well. They’re three years older also so there’s a different Draya now and the viewers are different. We are real businesswomen! We have real businesses that we run, not businesses that we made up for the show.”

On Her Relationship With Orlando Scandrick:

“My relationship is good, we’re celebrating an anniversary, one year. We made it! He in a joking way said, ‘You know what? We’re not doing this anymore. It’s set up for you to be sabotaged and no, God has a different plan for us!’”

On Whether Or Not She Wants To Spend The Rest Of Her Life with Orlando:

“I do!”


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