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There’s a new queen of late-night, and her name is Khloe.

No, she doesn’t have her own talk show, but she did guest-host Chelsea Lately to remind us why she’s our favorite Kardashian.

Koko opened up the show to set the tabloids straight, letting us know that all those stories you see while standing in line at the supermarket are “100-percent false”– except for one:

“Well, 99 percent are false. One of the tabloids recently said that I am hotter than Kim now. Everyone, let’s hashtag that ‘winning’!”

She posted a pre-show pic showing off her Elisabetta Franchi body suit and Caribbean Queen skirt, and it’s proof enough that this sister is certainly smokin’:

Other rumors she debunked with Chelsea Handler were her being pregnant–by multiple men–and that OJ Simpson is her real dad. She revealed:

“Probably the biggest rumor floating out there is that OJ Simpson is my dad. Well, I really hope that’s not the case because I did f— him once.”

Oh. OK then. While we’re sure (or at least hope) that was a joke, Khloe seemed to be in good spirits following a robbery that took place at her home earlier that day, poking plenty of fun at her family; especially at Kris Jenner, who was backstage with her look-alike Heather McDonald.

“My mom basically tags around with kim follows her around, dresses like Kim….I’m her favorite today, but normally it’s Kim everyday, all day, erryday.”

Before making her host debut, KhloMoney also made her debut on Vine, going topless to get glam.

See what else Khloe had to say about the Kardashian klan below.


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