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Earlier this week, Russell Simmons released Success Through Stillness, a book crediting his overall success as an entrepreneur, his ascension as the Godfather of Hip-Hop and more, all to transcendental meditation.

Yesterday, the mogul sat down with HuffPost Live’s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani and talked about perfecting yoga over a period of 22 years, coming across the practice because of “chicks,” and more.

Uncle Rush definitely dropped a few gems on Caroline, at one point explaining to her:

“A lot of us feel like the anxiety is a driving force in our success. They feel like if we’re insomniacs and we’re rethinking our ideas and we’re hyper, that somehow this is part of our drive, our success… but the fact is our seconds of stillness are the only times that you can be creative. Only in the present moment can you be creative and there’s tons of research, rethinking ideas over and over again does not make them better – it kind of destroys them.”

Check out his full interview via the video up top. Russell is spittin’ that knowledge in a way only he can.

SOURCE: HuffPost Live | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram