The Daily Grind Video

This is deep.

TDE’s first lady SZA releases a brand new video for her latest release “Babylon.” The self-directed music video features the “Teen Spirit” singer disrobing herself at water’s edge.

SZA uses her cream-colored cardigan as a blanket for her possessions, which include a cracked iPhone, a pair of white Chuck Taylors, some spare change, and a perfectly crafted note. As she takes off her remaining undergarments, SZA strides into the pond wearing nothing but a white t-shirt.

At the end of the video, SZA submerges herself under the water as she sings “crucify me.” The New Jersey native eventually floats up to the water’s surface in a crucified position as her love interest finds what appears to be a suicide note that simply reads, “gone fishing.”

The “Ice Moon” singer is gearing up to release her forthcoming EP, Z, which is due out April 8. Watch SZA’s hot new video up top.