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The strangest story of the year (maybe the decade) happened over the weekend when a plane — leaving from Malaysia and heading to Beijing with 239 people on board — just disappeared mid-flight.

Like, poof. Completely vanished without a trace.

If you’re unfamiliar with the story, we broke it down for you here.

The case has baffled us all. There has been lots of discussion around the Internet about what happened. And since forums, like Reddit, like IGN, like Niketalk, are usually ahead of the curve with this stuff, we went looking to see what kind of answers they came up with.

Here are some of the wildest theories we’ve seen on the Internet so far.

Toxic32 from Disclose.TV thinks that the pilot crashed the plane on purpose:

Josef90 at the BodyBuilding forum went the aliens route:

Reddit user Dakrisht is convinced that the plane just flat-out disappeared. He’s still unclear how though:

Friscosfinest from Niketalk thinks there was someone on the plane who “knows too much” or was “doing too much:”

An anonymous user on 4Chan questions if the plane ever existed at all:

Eurosaber at IGN just watches too much damn TV:

And Melmag at OkayPlayer thinks that some “tactless” Asians are behind this:

What’s your take?