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It’s undeniable: every time we get a glimpse of Ms. Nia Long, our hearts skip a beat.

Nia Long stars in Tyler Perry‘s latest movie, The Single Moms Club, and the two Hollywood heavyweights sat down with BlogXilla to discuss their new film, the importance of our Sons and Brothers, and more.

The film focuses around five women who are brought together after their children get into trouble at school. The women all come from different walks of life, but they form a bond after creating a support group that helps them get through the obstacles of being a single mother.

Nia plays Tyler’s love interest in this film; they have a kissing scene together! We asked her how was it kissing Tyler and Nia’s response made the funnyman turn bright red:

“He has very soft lips and they’re very full, so that’s nice. Because there is nothing worse than kissing someone with skinny lips, because my lips look extra big…”

Go Tyler! Watch our interview with the duo above. The Single Moms Club hits theaters on March 14th.