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Let’s face it: dating in this millennial age is not easy. Luckily, there are apps for that, with Tinder being the latest technology to engage in the online-dating trend.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, it puts speed dating in the palm of your hands–literally. All you have to do is log on with your Facebook account, set your age and mile range, and then you’re presented with your potential matches. Anonymously swipe left for “nope” and right for “like,” and just like that, the fears of approaching strangers and facing rejection are gone. How simple is that?

….Except some of you guys are making it a little more difficult for yourselves. Here are 11 reasons why women are giving your profile a swift swipe of the “nope.”

1. You’re faceless. 

Did you think we’d give you the benefit of the doubt and “like” you with hopes that we’ll be attracted to you? No. Show yourself.

2. You’re doing the duckface in your picture.

If it isn’t flattering for girls, it definitely isn’t a good look for you. So stop it, man.

3. You have girls in all of your pictures.

We get it, you’re a chick magnet. Congratulations, but newsflash: seeing you with other girls who are not us is not a turn-on. It’s quite the opposite.

Ladies love Samuel. And our fingers love swiping. Next.

4. You’re topless in your photo. 

We appreciate you wanting to show us the package before delivering it to our inbox, but, please, put a shirt on. A shirt. Not an open jacket–this is not an R&B video.

5. You only have one picture, and you aren’t the only one in it. 

Look, what we’re not going to do is try and guess if you’re the cute one and hope to have the luck of the draw.

6. Your bio is blank.

Do you like pina coladas? And getting caught in the rain? These are things we need to know! OK, maybe not, but at least give us something than just a few of your best-looking photos. Come on, we aren’t THAT shallow.

7. Your bio says way too much.

If you’ve already shared your life story on Tinder, what’ll be left for us to discuss? Just keep it short and cute.

8. Your bio is X-rated.

That’s one attempt to charm a girl’s pants off, but how about we keep it PG and start with dinner and a movie first? On second thought, let’s just not….

9. Your bio is similar to Oscar’s.

Hey man, you’re clearly not over your ex and we are not interested in participating in a love triangle. Maybe you and your swagger should get off Tinder and go call her or something.

10. You’re looking for a wife.

Slow your roll, player. Maybe we can meet up over drinks, and then we can see how things go from there.

11. Your name makes us giggle.

Because we’re immature like that (and who really wants to be Mrs. Woodcock?).